Prismatic Light

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Dicey Dangers, Core Rule Game by Joel Hills

Prismatic Light

Sometimes, the darkest of times only needs a little bit light to brighten up the way. The Prismatic light would appear in the center of the room, illuminating its surroundings. Not only could it reveal all the little cretins hiding in the corners, but it could expose all the glistening treasures that have been in front of you all this time. This spell feeds on the caster's dreams and happiness, as such, its strength only reveals the adventurer's thoughts. Those who also have no hope of venturing the dark would not be able to cast a light on the rest.

  • Once cast on a Room, the Results are perminent to that room.

Charge Use

Hero makes a Social Skill Check Check the success and the table below Creates a light source based on the results.

Social Skill Check Creates a Light source Additional Damage to Undead
1 or 2 Moon Light na
3 or 4 Dim Light na
5 or 6 Early Dawn Light na
7 or 8 Day Light, Destroys Vampires Attacks add +1 Dice-White-Icon.png
9 or 10 Bright Light, Attacks add +1 Dice-White-Icon.png Attacks add +2 Dice-White-Icon.png
11+ Burning Sunshine, Attacks add +2 Dice-White-Icon.png Attacks add +3 Dice-White-Icon.png