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Dicey Dangers, Core Rule Game by Joel Hills
Core Rule Book

Dicey Dangers Core Rule Book

The Core Rule Book contains all the information you need to start and continue your campaign in the Dicey Dangers world. You will find different sub-categories, each of which is dedicated to a different aspect of the game.

The gameplay is divided into different aspects, and the Core Rule Book serves as a guide through each of these elements, including the diverse characteristics that compose your character. There is also information regarding the mechanics related to the items, which includes but is not limited to weapons.

You will also encounter information about what's waiting for you in this world. What kind of deities will look after you? What kind of monsters will you battle? What companions will you make during your journey? This book contains all the answers to these questions, and more.

Sections The Core Rule Book is divided into six different sections, each of which explains a specific aspect of the gameplay.

1. Hero Record Sheet The Hero Record Sheet provides all the information you need to build your character. It is divided into two main sections:

Primary Attributes: All key attributes can be found within this category, providing the foundation for your character's abilities. Keywords: This section details the heritages and their traits, as well as classes and alignment traits. Keywords refer to specific features or aspects related to a character, item, or mechanic. 2. Monster Definition The Monster Definition page describes how monsters act during combat and how you can use them to your advantage during your campaign. This section includes behavior patterns, strengths, weaknesses, and strategies for both fighting and utilizing monsters.

3. Items This section provides detailed information related to the usage and crafting of items. You will find organized information regarding weapons, accessories, and more common items that can be useful during your adventure. This includes crafting recipes, item rarity, and special abilities of certain items.

4. Spells There are six schools of magic in the world of Dicey Dangers, each defined by the following spell types:

Alteration Conjuration Destruction Enchanting Illusion Restoration After reading each section, you can decide the path your character will take. Will they prefer destruction over restoration, or perhaps will they trick others through the use of illusion?

5. Combat The "Combat" section explains the essentials of combat and how your character can react whenever they enter into a battle. This section covers attack and defense mechanics, damage calculation, and special combat maneuvers.

6. Threat Dice The "Threat Dice" section explains how monsters use certain attacks and abilities. It is recommended to review the Monster Definition section before delving into the Threat Dice category, as understanding monster behavior is crucial to mastering Threat Dice mechanics. This section also covers how to roll and interpret Threat Dice outcomes to enhance the dynamic nature of combat encounters.

By thoroughly understanding each of these sections, you will be well-prepared to embark on your adventure in the world of Dicey Dangers, equipped with the knowledge to create powerful characters, engage in strategic combat, and navigate the magical and perilous landscapes that await you.

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