Gather these game components

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Dicey Dangers, Living Wiki Game by Joel Hills

Gather these game components

Before starting to play in the Dicey Dangers world, you need to gather a few tools that will help you set everything up.


You will need a pencil or a pen to write down all the different aspects that comprise your character and your adventure. Since the game is actively changing with each move, it's essential to have something to keep track of what's happening that also allows you to keep your attention on the game.

Graph Paper

Quarter Inch Graph paper will be more useful to you than regular paper during your adventure in Dicey Dangers. It will help you organize each movement and keep records of everything that has happened throughout the adventure.

Download & Print PDFs


You are going to need lots of dice. We designed and playtested Dicey Dangers with [Chessex Dice], to help you find the right set. Below you can find a table of the Chessex items numbers for the sets. You can choose Translucent or an Opaque set.

Translucent 16mm d6 Opaque 16mm d6
Dice-White-Icon.png White 23601 25601
Dice-Yellow-Icon.png Yellow 23602 25602
Dice-Orage-Icon.png Orange 23603 25603
Dice-Red-Icon.png Red 23604 25604
Dice-Green-Icon.png Green 23605 25605
Dice-Blue-Icon.png Blue 23606 25606
Dice-Purple-Icon.png Purple 23607 25607
Dice-Black-Icon.png Black 23608 25608

Polyhedral Dice

The Hero Generator requires a polyhedral dice. It will help you determine the unique traits and aspects that compose your character, such as your Heritage. The polyhedral dice is the primary tool for you to get started in your adventure. Rpg dice.png

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