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Dicey Dangers, The Creepy Creature of Vulture's Vineyard Game by Joel Hills

The Creepy Creature of Vulture's Vineyard

The war had been raging for years, with the Unbound Legion making their way through the pass and creating a threat to the nearby growing nations. The band of Ogres, Orcs, and Goblins were known for their brutality, leaving destruction and death in their wake. The foothold they had established in the pass was well-fortified, making it difficult for any army to penetrate. But the growing nations knew they couldn't allow the Legion to continue their advance, and so they gathered their forces for a final push.

In a battle that lasted for days, hundreds were lost on both sides. But eventually, the foothold was destroyed, and the Unbound Legion was forced to retreat. The aftermath of the battle was devastating, with bodies littering the ground and the land scarred by war. Vultures descended on the battleground, feasting on the corpses that remained. Even today, several years later, their presence can still be felt in the area.

Amidst the chaos of the battle, a traveling merchant was caught in the crossfire. He was transporting grape vines, and during the battle, they were scattered all over the blood-soaked soil. To everyone's surprise, the vines took root and began to prosper in the harsh terrain. The merchant realized the potential of these vines and decided to leave them there, hoping that one day, someone would take advantage of them.

Years later, Girok Trebonk, an Ogrekin and veteran of the battle, returned to the site. He was drawn by the sight of the thriving grapevines and decided to start a winery there. Despite the unusual terroir, the wine created from these grapes became some of the most sought-out in the realm. The unique flavor of the wine drew people from all over, making Girok's winery a success.

However, several years ago, something began scaring away the locals from the winery. People started to disappear, and rumors of strange creatures in the area began to spread. Eventually, the winery was abandoned, left to rot and decay. It wasn't until five years ago when Grog Trebonk, Girok's descendant, came to Vultures Vineyard to reclaim his grandparents' abandoned winery. But the locals are still wary, and the rumors of the strange creatures continue to circulate, making some question if it's safe to return to the once-thriving vineyard.

Before you Begin your Adventure


To start your journey go to Vulture's Vineyard Town Center

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