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Dicey Dangers, HERO Generator Game by Joel Hills

"An adventure story would be no adventure if it did not happen to a person fit for adventure." -Raymond Chandler/Adam Savage

Thank you for using the Hero Generator! This tool is designed to assist you in creating dynamic and engaging characters for your adventures. Simply follow the instructions on each page, roll the dice using the provided tables, and use the results to fill out your character sheet.

However, we understand that sometimes the dice may not roll in your favor. That's where the Token of Faustina's Favor comes in. If you ever roll a result that you find less than desirable, you can use the token to re-roll the dice and potentially get a more favorable outcome. The Token of Faustina's Favor is a special item granted by the deity of luck herself, and it grants you a second chance to shape your character's destiny.

Remember, the Hero Generator is meant to be a fun and creative tool, so feel free to embrace the unexpected results and use them as an opportunity to add unique twists to your character's story. Whether you rely on the luck of the dice or the intervention of Faustina, may your character creation process be filled with excitement and possibilities. Enjoy your journey in the world of Dicey Dangers!

Hero Generator

  1. Grab a pencil
  2. A Polyhedral 7-Die Set d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 , d100
  3. Download Black & White Hero Sheet PDF
  4. Download Black & White Item Sheet PDF
  5. Set Mind, Reflex, Body, Luck, & Social to 1
  6. Add (3) Tokens of Faustinas Favor as a Bag Item
  7. Each hero starts with 2D6 x 25 (rc) Runeum Coins, note this on the back of your Hero sheet

Go to Table 100: Hero Heritage

Start Hero Table 100: Hero Heritage Table 200: Hero Class Table 300: Hero Alignment Table:500 Starting Item Table:600 Hero Name Table 999: Finished Hero
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